I’m Zach and I’m a retired stand-up comedian (as much as you can “retire” from a job where you got paid in beer and chicken nuggets).

This site was originally founded to tell you about the Charlotte Stand-Up Comedy scene, but like me, it has evolved since then.

Now, I want lol clt to be The Onion of Charlotte. I want to poke fun at people, places and things in the Queen City and elsewhere that take themselves too seriously. I want to make you laugh out loud, Charlotte!

I know this “About Me” page should be more ironic, but I mean, what’s wrong with being honest?

Honestly, 99% of my traffic comes from a blog I wrote years ago called “Amy Schumer Isn’t Funny“. If you’re here to read that, well then that’s great! I’ll take all the views I can get (though I stupidly haven’t monetized this blog. You’re welcome.)

Be sure to follow LOL CLT on Facebook too!

Thanks, Zach


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