Weekly Charlotte Comedy Open Mics

Charlotte’s Weekly Stand-Up Comedy Open Mic list

Find Comedy Open Mic Nights in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sit back and enjoy free comedy from up-and-coming local comedians, or if you’re feeling brave tell some jokes yourself!


Monstrous Comedy
@ The Station
2131 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC
(Beside Plaza Midwood Country Club)
Show starts at 8pm, open mic starts at 9

Find Your Muse
@ The Evening Muse
3227 N. Davidson St. Charlotte, NC
Every Monday, $3. cover, show time is 8 PM and Sign up is at 7:45 (mixed mic)


Jack’s Open Mic Night
@ Jackalope Jack’s
1936 E. 7th Street, Charlotte NC 28204

Every Tuesday, Free Open Mic, Show time is 10 PM sign up at 9:45


Wreck Da Mic Wednesday
@ Neighborhood Cafe
1635 W Trade St, Charlotte NC
Every Wednesday from 8-10 PM


RIP to the Fort Mill Comedy Zone
(This venue is no longer open.)


Always check The Charlotte Comedy Zone’s website each week for opportunities to get stage time

(Thanks to James Dugan and Nick Alexander for helping create this list!)
~Zach Claywell @lolclt


15 thoughts on “Weekly Charlotte Comedy Open Mics

  1. I would be interested in setting up a meeting and really getting a 1-1 session to inquire the services and events that the comedy club offers

    • Hi! I don’t work for any comedy club, I’m just a retired comedian who likes to help the scene. If you’re in Charlotte, NC I’d recommend reaching out to the Charlotte Comedy Zone and seeing what they have in store. Thanks!

  2. I’ve never done stand up but have always wanted to. I jot down funny stuff all the time and think I could do pretty well. Any advice?

    • My advice? Write down what you’re going to say and practice it. A lot of people (including myself) think you can just “wing it” because you’re “naturally funny”. You probably are, but the spotlight, man, it erases your brain. Kill it on that first joke – say it so often you can say it in your sleep – then your nerves will calm down.

      Also, listen to the advice of as many great comics as you can. This is a pretty decent starting place:

  3. Hi,

    An update for anyone: The Smelly Cat no longer does an open mic. I just found out. I had a lousy set ready to go and everything. Also, the Upstage place in NODA that did standup sometimes was bought out.

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