One Day

One day it’ll all make sense. We’ll look back on today and laugh – well, maybe not laugh but at least smile bemusedly, shaking our heads with the gentle rebuke that accompanies seeing an embarrassing childhood photograph – “What WERE we thinking?”

One day, we’ll see this moment in history as the prelude to a terrifying, uncertain time. That time right before the certainty came. That time when words came cheap and violence happened to other people. We were so innocent. So naive. What were we so scared of? We didn’t even know. But we would.

One day, we will tell our children about the violence. About the innocent people shot in the street, bleeding live on videos streamed to all of our pockets. Cops, terrorists, deranged men with assault rifles slaughtering unarmed men, women and children in churches, schools, cars, sidewalks, nightclubs. They’ll look wide-eyed in jawdropped horror. “No, that can’t be,” they’ll say, “You’re messing with us. That never happened.”

One day, we’ll look back on the comments, on the tweets, on the blogs, on the multitude of opinions swirling like sharks sensing blood in the water. We’ll read them and cringe – in our minds we were better than that. We are right now and must have been right then, right? It’ll seem so embarrassing that we felt so passionately, thought so wrongly, were so infuriatingly ignorant, hated so openly. Where did this come from? What were we on about?

One day, we will look back and realize how much better we are together than apart.

One day, we’ll unite against the people who have been consistently scheming to keep the status quo – because it benefits them.

One day, our country, our world, will be optimistic again. We’ll look to the stars and see the infinitesimal nature of our species’ tenuous grasp on existence and laugh. We’ll guffaw, giggle, chuckle, chortle, we’ll roll on the floor, slapping our knees, unable to breathe when we think of the brutish, hateful past. It’ll just be too much to imagine ever being real. How could we be so ignorant, violent, rude, and uncompassionate?

One day, we will love each other like we are one human family, and our petty squabbles will be laid to rest – unless we are all laid to rest first.