God On Acid

Religious Leaders Confirm Creator Of Universe Trippin’ Pretty Hard Right Now

EARTH: Religious Leaders including Pope Francis I, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, The Archbishop of Canterbury, Bartholomew I of Constantinople, The Jathedar of Akal Takht, and various leading Rabbis, Muftis , Clerics, Imams, Pastors, Priests, Preachers, and that jerk from Scientology have all determined that God is on drugs.

Spiritual leaders came to this conclusion through their observations of world events and their religious interactions with the Divine Ruler of the Universe that confirm that He is, like, totally trippin’ His face off right now.

“The Lord has revealed through His divine grace, that He is wacked out of His freakin’ gourd,” said Pope Francis in a speech from the Vatican, “Seriously, He’s  trippin’ balls.”

Citing recent unprecedented and historic events such as the violent attempted coup in Turkey, climate change, the Brexit vote, Pokemon Go and whatever the hell is going on with Donald Trump – religious leaders of all faiths are quite certain that our Lord and Savior is high as a damn kite.

“The other day, I was praying to our Lord in the usual way,” Bartholomew I said, “And I heard His voice! Hallelujah! But then I realized what he was saying. ‘Dude, what if I microwaved a burrito so hot EVEN I COULDN’T EAT IT!’… He then proceeded to laugh for like, twenty minutes.”

The Creator of the Universe could not be reached for comment, but as of press time He had 3 children walk off of a cliff while playing Pokemon Go, which experts interpret as some kind of statement on the allegations.

“All I know is I don’t want to be around when He comes down…” His Holiness The Dalai Lama said, “Whew boy! That’s gonna be one hell of a mess!”

Kung Fury - Watch Online LOL CLT

Watch Kung Fury Online at LOL CLT!

So, Kung Fury​ aka the CRAZIEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME has just been released online for free. It features kung fu fighting killer Nazi robots, Uzi-welding, T-Rex riding valkyries, and more 80’s VHS retro goodness than one movie should have.

Crowdfunded on Kickstarter and made by a team of Swedish visionaries called Laser Unicorns, it is truly a wonder to behold. You can watch Kung Fury in its entirety here:

Also, if you haven’t seen the epic music video starring David Hasselhoff, then allow me to introduce you to the greatest video of all time, “True Survivor”:

ICYMI – Don Hertzfeldt’s Ultra-Surrealist Simpson’s Couch Gag

It’s…just…the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And to think it was broadcast during primetime on a major network (well..if you consider Fox to be major…) just blows my mind even more! From floating tentacle Homer to periscope-mouth Lisa shouting “I AM SIMP-SAN!” next to a squishy pile of Bart exclaiming “DON’T HAVE COW MAN”…..the whole effect is just…awe-inspiring. To be able to take such iconic characters and just mush them into surrealist jelly takes guts, both from Matt Groening and Don Hertzfeldt and, to a much lesser extent, Fox.

But all publicity is good publicity, and honestly I didn’t know there even WAS a new episode other than the Family Guy Crossover, so there’s that.




All 8 Weird Al Videos for Mandatory Fun

Weird Al is releasing 8 videos in 8 days.  I have compiled them all here for your convenience. You’re welcome! LOL (And of course all of these are available at WeirdAl.com)




Sports Song:

Lame Claim to Fame:

Word Crimes:

(Available on Vevo by clicking here)

First World Problems:

(Talk about First World Problems! Ironically, I’m experiencing one by trying to embed this video. So click this text to see it. /irony)

Mission Statement:
(This is the 8th and final video in Weird Al’s 8 videos in 8 days promotion. It is exclusively at the Wall Street Journal for some reason, so click here to see it)



BONUS: Weird Al’s best video: “White and Nerdy”